Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

Book Review

This is the first time I buy the book on approaching women before it, I also bought the e-book by Ronald Frank, which really change me in some ways.

Models, by far, is the most honest book men need to approach women, and improving their life as well.

Things covered in this book ranged from the fundamentals of what really attracts women and the difference between men and women in perceiving sexuality, to the choice of an attractive men lifestyle.

I think this book really helps the reader to become more the genuine selfe of him. Unlike bunch of similar books on approaching women out there which try to its readers to become more like the author (wear Rolex, be extrovert, don’t show your true feelings blablabla), in Models, Mark introducedthe theory of demography which means you attract what you like. For example, if you are a successful professional who goes to the gym every weekend and ambitious and work hard then you will likely attract the women with the same traits. That means you can’t attract any women you want to, but this also give you some advantages. It means that the women you attract will genuinely like you for who you are.


The other thing Mark introduced here is the vulnerability or the willingness to be open to the women. Say what you fell, tell your true intentions, build an honest communication, and you will make a real honest, genuine connection with that woman. This is a great topic since many articles on approaching women try to convince you to look perfect in front of the women you encounter. And women can sense your dishonest. Of course this is not good, because when you act different than the real you it means that you‘re not being honest, and if you can’t be honest with the women you cannot build a genuine relation with them.

Despite of the good information, I think there are stils some missing points which the author did not provided: the source of the research. A lot of facts here says according to research, or one experiment says, etc. without mentioning which research and the source link for that. And, this is only my suggestions, I think It would be easy to read if in every chapter of this book the author put a point list of what were covered in that chapter. It will be much easier for the reader who wants to reread the topics without busily finding it sentence per sentence.

All in all, Models is really a great book. If you find yourself difficult to act honest and want to improve your personal wholly, I recommend you this book.


Macbeth McQueen Review

Review, Shoes Review

Yesterday, I bought a pair of new shoes. Since I usually had a difficulty in situations where I have to frequently put off my shoes, I need have a pair of slip on. But when I see that popular slip on among society are the Toms and Wakai, I questioned myself, “do I really wanna look like a gay?” and my answer is “no.” I need a pair of slip on shoes that have a cool design, comfort for my feet, yet don’t make me look like a gay metrosexual dude. After spent hours of searching for that kind of slip on, my choice fall to Macbeth McQueen.


Macbeth McQueen came in various color and material. They have black cement, dark grey, dark brown color, and various materials such as canvas, denim, and mesh. They don’t have many pattern for these shoes, only a variation in color and striping. Mine is the dark grey/burnt orange color. These shoes have a casual design look on the front yet sporty on the backside of it. I think it what makes them look sharper.



They are very light. I can walk, run, jump, tiptoeing with these shoes easily. They are also very comfort for my feet. The inner sole isnincredible. It has an embossed texture which makes a light feet massage.


In conclusion, with their great comfort and design, Macbeth McQueen is a great choice for your casual look needs. If you’re tired of slip on that make you look less masculine, these shoes worth your feet.

Gugun Power Trio: Soul Shaker

Album Review, Review

If you’re now in searching for a good blues album, then I have a good news for you. The rising Indonesian blues band, Gugun Power Trio (GPT), just released their newest album titled Soul Shaker.

Soul Shaker contains 11 tracks. “Born to be Awesome,” which placed as the opener for this album, can surely make your spirit pumped up and equipped to seize some awesomeness.

The tracks keep on up-tempo until it slows down on the fifth track “Good Old Days.” The relaxing slow rock blues with nice, sweet, ear-catching guitar riffs can cool down your hectic day at the office. Anyway, this is my favorite track in the album. The first album’s single “Love Your Life” is also good. It’s very groovy and easy listening.

Gugun Power Trio

Perhaps, the most memorable song is “Wounded Heart.” Gugun successfully crafted a blue atmosphere through his play since the first tone of this aching, and heart-breaking song.

After all, Soul Shaker is one of the best Indonesian blues albums. With many ear-catching and groovy rhythms, I give four out of five stars for this album.

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