Why Pursue A Master Degree?


“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs

That’s probably world’s most memorable quote from Steve Jobs as he delivered a speech before Stanford graduates. I agree on what he said that we must keep ourselves open to any knowledge, don’t ever stop to sharpen our expertise. Although in Indonesia people commonly undergraduates students, there are still many other who don’t satisfied, including me.

I am now in my second semester at the Magister Manajemen Universitas Indonesia, pursuing my master degree in marketing management. I decide to pursue a further study because I want to get a better job. I know it’s different to everyone, but for me, with a bachelor degree in English is just not enough. I need to learn another subject, I feel like I have to learn business.

The reason behind it is simple: the world is now changing very fast. And if we don’t do the same, we will surely be left out. The business world also change, and I want to be the part of it. Not just a spectator but also a player, not just a consumer but also a producer. Luckily, I study in a right place. And throughout my study here for almost a year, here are things I gain and probably be my reason for pursuing a higher education:

  • The education itself

Business is an entirely new subject for me. I didn’t know about a supply and demand curve, consumer behavior, and marketing mix before until I complete my first semester. Fortunately, I can follow the subjects taught here and didn’t encounter any significant difficulties.

You don’t necessarily learn business at school, but when you decide to learn at school your study will be much more structured, and you will have many people who has the same purpose in your class which will motivate you to learn, things which you can’t have when you learn alone).

  • Opportunity

When you decide to continue your study, there will be many opportunities open for you to sharpen your skills. Some schools offer an internship or student exchange abroad. Of course you’ve got the same opportunity before in your undergraduate study, and you want to have it again, right?

But opportunity means nothing if you don’t take it, so take it.

  • Network

A business school was filled with many reputable people from many institutions, be it from academic, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. So while you study at the business school you can also build your network and who knows those people could be your assets in the future.

In my opinion, if you pursue a master degree it can give you a lot of things. You can get a valuable knowledge, earn a new opportunity, and build a network. As Benjamin Franklin said, “an investment in knowledge, pays the best interest.”


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