Why I’m Giving Up Writing Resolution


In a few days, 2015 will be over. For me, this year flies so fast like I still remember how I spent my last year’s eve, and now it’s almost 2016 already. You could say that I’m like millions other people who always make a list of things that they wish to accomplish every year. I made that too, though I rarely accomplished what I plan.

The reason why I can’t accomplish my goals was because I lost motivation on the road. You see, making goals is a thing, keeping your motivation is another. I was very enthusiast when I make my bucket list while dreaming if it really comes true. I felt very motivated at that moment, but in two weeks, some things caught my attention, I lost focus and motivation on my goals and poof… they disappeared completely.

The funny thing is I’m not the only one who sucks at this. Some of my friends, random people at the internet, people on TVs almost say the same thing. They couldn’t stick to their goals. And the reason is more or less same with me.

It comes to a point where I begin to think that life is more lively and interesting when you do it unplanned. I became more free, less stress, no pressure in achieving my goals. I just do things that I feel like I’m doing, and let go of things that didn’t align to my personal values. I strive for my goals without pressure, so I don’t feel bad if I failed. A the end of the month, surprisingly, I could achieve more than when I make a wish list. Here’s my analysis for resolution list:

  1. Goals only work for short-time.
  2. You can still achieving many things without making a resolution
  3. If you have a big goal, break it into several small, doable, easy-to-achieve goals.
  4. When you have no goals  you’ll feel no pressure and it resulted in easy life.

Happy New Year!


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