The First Job


For the fresh graduate, finding a (right) job might be a fatiguing task. Ask any fresh graduates how it feels to be a helpless adolescences, who expected to be not depend to their parents financially, yet haven’t found any income to fill their wallets. It feels crushing. Like losing half of your masculinity.

It took about four months being a job-seeker until I find a job in the end at Metro TV as a productions staff for ‘World News’ program.

I feel anxious and only have a vague assumption of what the work life is going to be. Will I like the job? and the place? Will I get a lot of friends here? How long will I survive in this entirely new environment?

My job is to make a news script for the program. I handle the third segment, which is about feature and light news. At first, I make hundreds terrible working mistakes. I’m new in this game, of course I still need to learn much. But honestly, these failures failed to put me down, instead it pushes me to perfecting my tasks in the next days.

Time after time, I can follow the work rhythm. Form a working formula for my own. My working speed is escalate, my grammar is also getting better as well. Thanks to Dean, Ola, Krizia, and Om Rullah for being my friends and mentors. I fell joyous and proud to work with you. Let’s make ‘World News’ a great show!

Photo 03-07-14 22.14.53


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