Macbeth McQueen Review

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Yesterday, I bought a pair of new shoes. Since I usually had a difficulty in situations where I have to frequently put off my shoes, I need have a pair of slip on. But when I see that popular slip on among society are the Toms and Wakai, I questioned myself, “do I really wanna look like a gay?” and my answer is “no.” I need a pair of slip on shoes that have a cool design, comfort for my feet, yet don’t make me look like a gay metrosexual dude. After spent hours of searching for that kind of slip on, my choice fall to Macbeth McQueen.


Macbeth McQueen came in various color and material. They have black cement, dark grey, dark brown color, and various materials such as canvas, denim, and mesh. They don’t have many pattern for these shoes, only a variation in color and striping. Mine is the dark grey/burnt orange color. These shoes have a casual design look on the front yet sporty on the backside of it. I think it what makes them look sharper.



They are very light. I can walk, run, jump, tiptoeing with these shoes easily. They are also very comfort for my feet. The inner sole isnincredible. It has an embossed texture which makes a light feet massage.


In conclusion, with their great comfort and design, Macbeth McQueen is a great choice for your casual look needs. If you’re tired of slip on that make you look less masculine, these shoes worth your feet.


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