Gugun Power Trio: Soul Shaker

Album Review, Review

If you’re now in searching for a good blues album, then I have a good news for you. The rising Indonesian blues band, Gugun Power Trio (GPT), just released their newest album titled Soul Shaker.

Soul Shaker contains 11 tracks. “Born to be Awesome,” which placed as the opener for this album, can surely make your spirit pumped up and equipped to seize some awesomeness.

The tracks keep on up-tempo until it slows down on the fifth track “Good Old Days.” The relaxing slow rock blues with nice, sweet, ear-catching guitar riffs can cool down your hectic day at the office. Anyway, this is my favorite track in the album. The first album’s single “Love Your Life” is also good. It’s very groovy and easy listening.

Gugun Power Trio

Perhaps, the most memorable song is “Wounded Heart.” Gugun successfully crafted a blue atmosphere through his play since the first tone of this aching, and heart-breaking song.

After all, Soul Shaker is one of the best Indonesian blues albums. With many ear-catching and groovy rhythms, I give four out of five stars for this album.

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