Journalism and English Writing Workshop with the Jakarta Post


Today I went to a writing workshop hosted by the Jakarta Post and the English Department of UNPAD. The event held at the D building of UNPAD Cultural Studies and ran for six hours.

The speaker was Mrs. Tertiani Simanjuntak. She works in Jakarta Post as the city editor. She told that she was once a war journalist. She has been placed in Aceh when there was Aceh Freedom Movement (GAM) in there, and also in December 2006 when it was hit by a tsunami. She also had been placed in Papua when there was a tribal war in there. Now as a city editor she works mostly behind the desk. She writes about anything that happen in Jakarta city from lifestyle, crimes, technology, traffic, et cetera.


Suasana workshop

The workshop divided into two sessions. The first session talks about the journalism itself; like how the media works, the process the journalists work, and what to consider making good news.

I just known from this workshop that yes, the media is take sides. They wrote about the news they placed themselves. Mrs. Tertiani said that the Jakarta Post take sides on human rights. So, for example the news like the Shia, the church in Bekasi, the Jakarta Post writes the news that defends the human rights.

Well, the seminar itself didn’t go well I think. I don’t think I get a lot of stuffs from this seminar. Mrs. Tertiani can’t speak in public. Because the way I see it, she wasn’t much as a speaker. I can hardly understand what she explained and she also couldn’t build the ambiance into more fun. So the seminar got boring for some hours.

Anyway, in my opinion, this seminar wasn’t that good. Like I said before the speaker couldn’t explained the material clearly and fun. But anyway, I got a lot of useful knowledge from this workshop like lead in journalism writing, the production process of print media, and many more. Oh yeah, and also for the free newspaper. Thank you very much.


Got a free newspaper


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