Right Brain and Left Brain


Recently, I read a book about creative marketing. I’m not actually into this topic, but since the writer is my favorite one, Mr. Ippho Santosa, I decided to read it, and I get a lot of new knowledges from this book. One of many is about the creativity brain.

Human’s brain is consisted of two parts. The left part and the right part. Each of these parts has a different function. The left brain is responsible for the logical context, lateral, organized, words; and right brain is in charge for spontaneous, creativity, intuition. Research proves that successfulness is influenced by 80% EQ and SQ, which is in right brain, whereas IQ which is in left brain only contribute 20%. It explains why average men (not very genius) is more success and more become a boss than a genius one.

So, how to train your right brain to gain more creativity? There are a lot of ways suggested. Like enjoying art, playing music, think out of the box, or without the box. Those practices can help you to trigger a creativity sense, which helpful to make all-new solutions or differentiate a simple product.

That’s my brief explanation about right brain. Don’t forget that the right-brain people are the minority in this planet, but it’s also the minority who is more success, right?



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