The Clerk Who Loves Orange

Short Stories

“Number 215 please come to desk 1,” the woman announced on the P.A. The bank was very busy this afternoon. Many customers came whether to deposit their money or withdraw it, but not many clerks came to serve them. Bob is one of a few clerks who came to the bank. He has been working there for 30 years. A diligent one – came at 5 o’clock sharp and get home at 4. He was a very dedicated person. He said that worked as a bank clerk was his dream job and he loves to work there for the lifetime. That’s why he always seems happy to serve the customers even if he’s dying. Bob suffered a serious kidney stones disease, the causes is because he consumes too much vitamin c. This was caused by his customs to eats 10 oranges each day.
When he was talking to the customer he fell down. All of people there were panicked. They brought Bob to the hospital, but it was too late, Bob died on the way there. The doctor said that he died because of the kidney failure. All of the bank employees were sad and to remember Bob’s eagerness, and passionate life they made a clerk robot in that bank named Bob.

Work Consulted:
Word Count: 217 words


One thought on “The Clerk Who Loves Orange

  1. This writing was actually an exam for my Creative Writing class. I was required to make a writing consisted of words: orange, bank, and robot. So I wrote this short story. And luckily I got B for my Creative Writing class. :)


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