The Murder at the Capitol Bank

Short Stories

Under the cloudy sky, Jim, a fresh graduate employee was walking hurried to his workplace. He was graduated as a cum laude from economic degree at John Echols University. He was so keen that he graduated with perfect score from there. Nonetheless, he has disabilities in making friends. When he was in college, he was not confident in interacting to anyone. It’s because he had had a crooked back and the scar at the right side of his lips that made him looked glum. He hated himself so much because of this defect. Luckily, things changed. He was now a vigorous and confident man.

When reached his office in Capitol Bank, he saw an unusual situation. There were many policemen in the hall. Is there any incident happened here? he wondered. He went to bought a coffee in the cafetaria first before he went up to his room. The server there said that there was a murder occurred, that’s why there were many policemen, but she didn’t know who’s the victim, people only say it was a woman. Jim paid his coffee and walk to his room, but in the half way two policemen hindered him.

“Are you Jimmy Sullivan?” asked one policeman.
“Yes, what is it?”
“Please follow us.” The two policemen then took him to the sixth floor and showed him to Detective Randy.
“Are you Jimmy Sullivan?” he asked.
“Yes, that’s me, what is it?”
“Is it true that you’re the boyfriend of Rose Finnigan, who works here in the sixth floor?”
Jim started to feel that there is something wrong happened. “Yeah, why is that?”
Detective Randy’s face now turns to concerned. “We’re very sorry to tell you that she is found dead in the toilet.”
Jim was startled. “What..?? H-How could that happen!?”
He couldn’t believe what he just heard. His beautiful and lovely girlfriend was now laid in the toilet covered with blood. Her face that used to be pretty was now crushed and scatterd on the floor. From the hollow scar that found on her neck, the police belived that the victim was stabbed by a sharp object.

“Who’s this bastard that killed her!?” he cried.
“We haven’t found the killer yet, sir and there isn’t any witness, but we believe that this is done by our fugitive.”
“This fugitive, sir,” Detective Randy sighed, “is very tricky. He leaves no trace, no clue, and no witness. He only always lost the victim’s fingers as a mark of his action,” Detective Randy pointed to the dead body. “Just like this one.”
Jim almost vomited when he saw Rose’s hands. It was a terrifying sight. Her fingers were lost. They were forcibly removed and filled with blood, as if the sharp teeth of beast bit them crudely and ripped them off. “You better go home now and take a rest. We’ll let you know as soon as we got something,” said Detective Randy.

At his apartment, the ring of his cellphone woke him.


Jim was sleeping when the phone rang. It woke him from his nightmare. The nightmare that kept haunted him for several days lately. He looked at the screen and answered it.

Cindy Crawford (Mobile)

“Hi, honey.. Where are you?” the voice of the girl asked cheerfully.
“I’m on my bed. Why is it?”
“Ummm… Nothing. I just miss you, baby, can you go to my place this week?.. Pleaseee…”
“I’m gonna come to your place, but not around this time.”
“I just.. don’t feel healthy… But, I will come, sure. Maybe I’m gonna bring some-..”


“Can you call me back later? I think I have a visitor.”
“Umm.. Okay, I’m gonna call you later. Bye. Love you..”
Jim opened the door. It was the man that he met this morning, hoped he came to tell good news, but unfortunately, he came to put a handcuff on his hands.

From the CCTV record that the police had examined, Jim was proved as the killer of his own girlfriend. The pen in his shirt suspected as a weapon that Jim used to kill her. The police also found a jar filled with human fingers in his apartment. This was believed as the fingers of Jim’s victims. According to the investigation, he has killed more than 12 people. He was sentenced death for his crime, the punishment will be held on the next day. In the police station, Jim sat alone in his cell. He kept remembered his dream last week before he was sent to the jail. The dream that felt so real and he kept dreamed about it until now. In his dream, he saw a girl, a beautiful one, called his name hundred times with an empty gaze in front of him. Disturbed with her voice, he tried to shut her mouth, but she kept said, “Jimmy… Jimmy.” “Stop it!” Jim screamed back at her, but, that girl still repeated his name. In the end, he stabbed a rusty metal stick into his neck to make her stop. It was failed, she still repeated it. Jim was getting angrier, he breathed heavily, he then smashed her face into the wall, but she didn’t seem hurted: no blood, no broken face. Only an empty gaze and a repeated words. “Jimmy.. Jimmy… ,” he started to get frustrated with her voice, he smacked her down to the floor, and goaded with a big anger he bit her fingers, left only her right thumb. He chewed and swallowed some of them down into his stomach.

The police didn’t know what his motive of killing these people, and neither did Jim. A temporary statement said that he was suffering a mental illness. At 9 o’clock in the morning, he was shot dead, and his body buried at the funeral. What nobody knew is that it was all connected with his ring. It was a devil’s ring that made the person immortal. Some years ago, to heal his defect Jim went to a shaman. He assumed that his defect was a curse. The shaman then gave him a ring. “Once you wear it you will cured, you will be a strong man and cannot be infected by any disease, even death,” the shaman said to him half whispered. And after he finished some ritual, he wore that ring and has never took it off until the day he was buried.

A few days later, the local paper reported a crime news: a woman was found dead in her apartment, tragically murdered. The name of the victim was Cindy Crawford and she lost her fingers.



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