Yours Truly

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Yours Truly is a short movie that tells a story about Todi, a rigid and introvert man whose job is deliver a bouquet of flowers to some women (and a she-male, in this movie), one day he delivered a bouquet of flowers to Kayla and he fell in love with her, a few next days they were dating. But their relationship was not going well because Todi can’t stand Kayla’s dominating trait. Gradually he can’t stand it anymore so Todi asked Kayla to break up, but what Kayla did to him was beyond Todi can imagine.

I think it’s a great movie for a class of short movie. The story tilled well with a very twisting ending. At first I thought it was a romantic-comedy movie but when it came to the ending my prediction was all wrong it was a psycho-thriller movie. If you like ‘Rumah Dara’ you will like this movie, but unlike ‘Rumah Dara’ this movie has less blood and gore.

I raised my two thumbs for the cinematography it is very captivating, the angle of every shot emphasize the dialogue’s emotion and makes me feel like in the movie somehow.

Overall ‘Yours Truly’ is a worth watch Indonesian horror movie, especially if you already sick with those famous horror semi-porn movies.

Genre: Thriller
Director: Ian Salim & Elvira Kusno
Cast: Todi Pandapotan (Todi), Kyla Pisita White (Kayla), Cecep Reza (Mince Karmince)
Released: February 2011
My Rating: 9/10
Official Site:

P.S.: If you haven’t watched this movie you can watch it here

YOURS TRULY – Short Film from Cine et Cetera on Vimeo.


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